Launch CrowdOptic Intersect™

Intelligent live streaming fueled by video analytics and engagement geometry

CrowdOptic Intersect uses artificial intelligence and patented algorithms to identify activity and self-direct cameras to focus in on the action from any angle, creating an immersive live streaming experience.

CrowdOptic at the Intelligent Edge

CrowdOptic Intersect leverages the HPE GL20 IoT Gateway to bring new capabilities and efficiency to the smart city and the Intelligent Edge.

CrowdOptic CrowdOptic


Hospitals and training facilities use CrowdOptic technology to control camera arrays, live stream video and self-direct an event from any point of view.


Public Safety

Smart cities use CrowdOptic AI and engagement geometry to seamlessly follow subjects of interest as they move from the view of one camera to the next.


Mobile Solutions

Partnerships with HPE and Intel enable CrowdOptic technology to live stream and analyze video in moving vehicles and at the network edge.

Featured Clients

National Bioskills Laboratories
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Case Studies

National Bioskills Laboratories

Mobile-Enhanced Vision Security

NEC and CrowdOptic are jointly introducing a ground-breaking intelligent live video streaming security system enabled by real-time analysis of footage captured from fixed cameras and mobile camera sensors in body cams, smartphones, and drones.

CrowdOptic CrowdOptic
Drone Video

NBL Powered by CrowdOptic

Tour of the South San Francisco facility and discover what makes National Bioskills Laboratories hands-on and high-tech.

CrowdOptic Eye

CrowdOptic Eye™

Loaded with Sensors

CrowdOpitc Eye Video

The CrowdOptic Eye™ is as versatile as you need it to be. Watch how GPS, compass and magnetometer literally put CrowdOptic Eye™ on the map.

Press Release - March 10, 2020
CrowdOptic and National Bioskills Laboratories Provide Remote Training with Video Feeds Directly from Medical Devices for Travel-Restricted Enterprises Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

CrowdOptic and National Bioskills Laboratories (NBL) today confirmed the organizations’ ability to provide remote training for physicians and employees at enterprises affected by the travel restrictions surrounding the recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak...more

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Resident - November 4, 2019
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Jon is deeply dedicated to ensuring that he does all he can to make the world a better place for his 9-year old daughter ...more