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Spotlight on Healthcare

Google Glass enters operating room at Stanford
CNET - July 30, 2014
Surgeons in training at Stanford University add Google's Internet-connected headset to their list of at-hand surgical tools. Scalpel. Forceps. Needle-holder. These are common tools that all surgeons-in-training must familiarize themselves with. But doctors learning to become cardiothoracic surgeons at Stanford University Medical School will have to add a new one to that list: Google Glass ...more

CrowdOptic Signs Software Deal With ProTransport-1 to Install Google Glass in Ambulances
marketWatch - July 17, 2014
ProTransport-1 will use Google Glass to broadcast real-time video evaluations of patients from ambulances during transport to the receiving healthcare institutions. This technology solution will aim to improve documentation and expand medical consultative opportunities for patients en route ...more

Surgery with Google Glass at UCSF bringing HIPAA compliance at a glance
9TO5GOOGLE - June 11, 2014
CrowdOptic, a company that makes video streaming software for wearable devices, announced a partnership with UCSF in hopes of improving patient care and physician training ...more

Glass Certified

Competitive Advantage

Focus-Based Services® Features CrowdOptic Competition
Patented Technology yes no
Predictive Video and Audio Streaming yes no
Extended Battery Life (Video streaming up to 4 hours) yes no
Multiple Device Video Streaming(Latency < 100 milliseconds) yes no
2-Way Audio w/Switchboard Capability yes no
Simultaneous Record, Stream, & Upload yes no
Hands-Free 8x Video Zoom yes no
Wearable to Wearable Controls yes no
Complete Hands-Free Use yes no
Multiple Frequency Connectivity(Licensed & unlicensed spectrum) yes no
Auto-Installer/Google Glass Setup(Ability to deploy > 500 units daily) yes no
Remote Glass Authorization yes no
Unauthorized Software Detection yes no
HIPAA Compliance(Multi-Factor Authentication) yes ?