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Spotlight on Healthcare

How the cutting edge of virtual reality is making the real world seem boring
Washington Post - October 22, 2015
A Silicon Valley start-up, CrowdOptic, has built and deployed software that can process multiple video streams from people wearing Google Glass to learn what they are focusing on and observing ...more

Google Glass Comes to Doctor’s Office Near You as Upgrade Looms
Bloomberg - August 20, 2015

Endologix (ELGX) and UCSF speak with ABC News about CrowdOptic powered Google Glass
ABC News - July 27, 2015

CrowdOptic Ushering in First Wave of Software Patents in Smart Glasses
Wearable Tech News - August 7, 2015

Patented Technology

U.S. Patent No. 8,527,340, further supported by U.S. Patent No. 9,020,832, empowers a wide range of video streaming applications, including the ability to instantly select the best available real-time video stream from a multitude of video streams. Only CrowdOptic can capture the sensor data from all devices with a common focus (claim 1) and filter the data stream to eliminate any erratic data values (claim 9) to prevent attributes like jitter and "shaky" video from appearing in the broadcast to the viewing audience (claim 3).

Patents Shows Widespread Augmented Reality Innovation
PatentVue - May 26, 2015
Regarding other smaller companies that are focusing on AR and HMD technology, we took a close look at the ten companies that Google has named Glass Certified Partners: AMA, APX Labs, Augmate, Augmedix, CrowdOptic, GuidiGo, Interapt, Pristine, Wearable Intelligence, and Ubimax. While many of these companies have pending patent applications in the US and abroad, CrowdOptic, Inc., d/b/a KBA2, Inc. is the only among the group of Glass Certified Partners that has issued US patents. The company owns US 8,527,340 and US 9,020,832, both entitled “Systems and methods for analytic data gathering from image providers at an event or geographic location.”


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